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Liver Diseases 1st Edition PDF

Liver Diseases 1st Edition PDF – An Essential Guide for Nurses and Health Care Professionals

Liver Diseases 1st Edition PDF Free Download,
Liver Diseases 1st Edition PDF,
Liver Diseases 1st Edition Ebook


Liver disease is a rapidly growing speciality, and nurses and health care professionals need to have the relevant knowledge and skills to care for patients with liver problems in a safe and effective way. Liver Diseases is a comprehensive, evidence-based, practical guide to the nursing care and management of patients with liver disease.

Liver Diseases explores a range of liver conditions, including cirrhosis, portal hypertension, alcoholic liver disease, viral hepatitis, autoimmune hepatitis, Wilson’s disease and acute liver failure. It looks at the anatomy & physiology of the liver, assessment of liver function and diagnostic studies, acute and chronic liver disease, pregnancy related liver disease, liver transplantation and infectious liver diseases. For each condition the epidemiology, complications and nursing management are provided, along with illustrative case studies and further reading. Liver Diseases is an invaluable tool for all nurses and health care professionals working with people with liver disease.


The first UK book on care of the liver from a nursing and healthcare perspective

Written by a well-respected and renowned author in the field

Covers a wide spectrum of liver diseases, with relevant nursing management guidelines

With case studies, further reading and illustrations throughout

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