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Download Microbe – 2nd edition – mebooksfree.net free pdf

Microbe – 2nd edition – mebooksfree.net free pdf download

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Microbe – 2nd edition

This new edition of Microbe is an eloquent and highly readable introduction to microbiology that will engage and excite science majors and pre-health professionals. The authors, all prominent scientists, have carefully crafted this lively narrative to bring key microbiology concepts to life and promote a lifelong passion for the microbial sciences.

Far more than a comprehensive reference book, Microbe is replete with case studies, ranging from sauerkraut fermentation to the cholera outbreak in Haiti, that illustrate the impact of key microbiology concepts on real-world scenarios. To further engage students and deepen their understanding of both the principles and practice of science, each chapter includes multiple active learning exercises that encourage students to demonstrate their understanding and application of concepts, as well as video, spoken, and written resources. Questions are posed throughout the book to introduce the next key concept and to prompt students to actively participate in the learning experience.

An equally valuable tool for instructors who teach a traditional lecture format and those who emphasize active learning in their classroom, Microbe integrates key concepts, learning outcomes, and fundamental statements directly from the ASM Recommended Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Microbiology Education.

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Download Microbe – 2nd edition – mebooksfree.net free
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Ebook Microbe – 2nd edition – mebooksfree.net pdf Free Download
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