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Alopecia Areata: A Clinician’s Guide

Offering the reader a comprehensive look at the material regarding alopecia areata, this book is divided into several sections: One section encompasses the detailed overview of alopecia areata including its epidemiology, etiology, signs, symptoms, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and treatment options; another section provides information and content about different comorbidities in patients with alopecia areata; the third section contains case studies of patients diagnosed with alopecia areata, including their signs, symptoms, lab tests, clinical management, and treatment; and the last section covers research studies on this disease. Complete with full color photographs of patients before, during, and after the disease to accompany the various sections, Alopeacia Areata – A Clinician’s Guide is written for dermatologists as well as internists dealing with the comorbid conditions that often accompany alopecia areata.
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